How You Can Choose the Perfect Quilt?

When it comes to choosing a quilt, you are spoilt by choice. Quilts are made from different materials. However, if you want to experience the best sleep in your life, you need to choose the perfect quilt. This article will give you the option to buy bedding and homewares in melbourne. To choose the ideal quilt, you need to consider a few things as mentioned below.

  • Are you a cold or hot sleeper?
  • Do you experience allergies?
  • Would you like to feel light and lofty or weight on your body?

Since there are a huge variety of quilts that cater to every sleeper out there, you need to take a closer look at each quilt type to determine which one would suit you best. Find the best quilts in melbourne here. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start this post.

1. Wool Quilts

As the name suggests, wool quilts are made completely out of wool. They are breathable and offer a low loft which helps keep your body temperature regulated. Wool quilts are available in a wide range of warmth ratings. Hence, they are perfect for every sleeper. The wool fiber allows you to benefit from year round warmth. Moreover, wool quilts are suitable for those of you that suffer from asthma or allergy.

2. Feather and Down Quilts

Feather and down quilts offer luxurious comfort for a much-needed restful sleep. They are made from a blend of feather fill and goose down. Their lightweight and lofty fill allows them to retain heat. Offering a high warmth rating, cold sleepers will find them to be a great choice. 

3. Microfiber Quilts

Microfiber quilts are made of manmade fiber. They offer a medium to high warmth rating. This makes them suitable for cold sleepers. Their lofty and light fill makes them perfect for premium bed linen melbourne. Microfiber quilts are also suitable for those suffering from asthma or allergy.

4. Cotton Quilts

Cotton quilts are made from natural breathable fiber. They have low warmth rating which makes them the ideal choice for hot sleepers. Cotton quilts help draw heat away from the body. They are also a safe for asthma and allergy sufferers.

5. Bamboo Quilts

Bamboo quilts have become incredibly popular in recent times. They offer moderate warmth. Boasting a perfect combination of breathability and comfort, you can never go wrong with bamboo quilts. The bamboo fibers are antibacterial and hypoallergenic. Thus, your body temperature would be naturally regulated.

What Type of Sleeper Are You?

To choose the perfect quilt, you need to consider what type of sleeper you are. We provide advice for cold sleepers, hot sleepers, and allergy suffers as below.

Cold Sleepers

If you are a cold sleeper, you should select a multi-layer wool quilt, microfiber quilt, or a feather and down quilt. Make sure to avoid cotton quilts as they would be unable to retain heat.

Hot Sleepers

For those of you that are a hot sleeper, you should opt for a cotton or wool quilt. Wool helps regulate your body temperature and is breathable. Cotton on the other does not retain heat and is ideal for the summer.

Allergy Sufferers

Allergy sufferers should get a microfiber or wool quilt. Both wool and microfiber are light and lofty. You should always avoid feather and down.

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