Lachie Anderson Landscapes Creates Custom Green Environments for Commercial Sites

Melbourne, Australia – Nov. 11, 2015 – Garden design is a labor of love at Lachie Anderson Landscapes. The Melbourne landscape designer provides a multitude of services to create aesthetically pleasing, functional and sustainable landscapes for commercial venues that meet specific needs of clients. Garden Design Melbourne

“Landscapes don’t have to be elaborate or extravagant to be effective,” said Lachie Anderson, direction of Lachie Anderson Landscapes. “Sometimes a minimalist approach is the best.”

Commercial landscaping can take multiple directions, depending upon the intended purpose. Commercial clients can add curb appeal to enhance property values whether the space is large or small. Planning is the key and Lachie Anderson Landscapes provides concept and design plans for green spaces of all sizes.

The firm connects landscapes with surrounding architecture to create a visually appealing whole that’s balanced, provides unity and accommodates surrounding architecture. A prime consideration for commercial projects is to make entrances welcoming and obvious for customer convenience. That can be accomplished with elements that include colours, textures and decorative grasses.

Client traffic doesn’t stop during winter months, necessitating a design plan that incorporates seasonal interest and low maintenance. A variety of shrubs, grasses and evergreens can be utilized to create colour combinations that are appealing and draw the eye. Lighting can be added to provide safety focus.

Many commercial enterprises are incorporating courtyards and areas designated for employees. They provide a refreshing break for individuals that enhance productivity. These types of areas provide more latitude for creativity, whimsy and employee input. Green landscapes can be environmentally friendly and offer sustainable design without relying upon irrigation, providing extra savings.

The typical commercial landscape has a lifespan of approximately 20 years, requiring certain components to be freshened. Old plantings can become woody, overgrown and no longer fit the space as well as they once did. Flowers, grasses, mulch and bushes can be exchanged or renovated for an entirely renewed appearance. Water features that utilize recycling can be incorporated for interest and to provide a focal point.

Lachie Anderson Landscapes provides services for commercial venues of all types to enhance curb appeal, improve value, and provide green spaces within business environments. Commercial landscaping has a multitude of benefits for businesses and the people they employ, offering a natural boost for morale and productivity.

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